About us

This site is dedicated to those seeking immediate answers to their sales requirements, purchase and rental of real estate.
Abitareoggi has some good proposals certainly interesting for those looking for home or thinking about an investment property.
By consulting the Showcase you can see different options.
Heterogeneous style, area, cost, are especially clear and concrete examples of the validity of our offers.
Our advice is a guarantee of the investment, protection from risks, security.

We are available to provide comprehensive advice, proper and fair valuation of property, adequate publicity, transparency and clarity in the negotiations, it is so that in all these years we were able to provide an accurate, strong image based about the seriousness and professionalism that has always distinguished us.
We offer an "tailor-made" based on the individual needs of each client, which is informed in detail on the economic, regulatory, fiscal, step by step, all the way, from the choice of the property until the notarial deed.
In addition, with the unique service of "Search and Select the Custom Properties", you will be contacted and invited to visit only those properties that correspond to your needs.

The agency Abitare Today, adhering to FIAIP Italian Federation of Professional Real Estate Agents code no. 2286, has many years of experience and expertise in the field of sales. Proof of this is its wide repertoire of properties for sale and lease, a sign of confidence that for years now the loyal customers we reserve the right, proving to be satisfied with the real estate services offered. Our organization consists of several professionals associated with each other, each of which regularly listed in the Role of Professional Real Estate Agent at the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts of Vicenza, sensitive to the different needs of customers, the same goes serenely until 'final action and the delivery of the chosen, fulfilling protection services for the parties, either buyers or sellers. In the same building, you can also have the coaching of bank financial advisors and tax consultants, and get the deed with the support of selected studies Notary.

The geom. Daniele Zonta, owner of the Agency is member agents Brokerage Chamber of Commerce OF Vicenza no. 1579, the Role of Experts and Experts in Assessment and Evaluation of Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza under no. 803, is credited to the Real Estate Exchange of Vicenza, offers for its customers expert charges for any sale, with concrete judgments and even in real time, as well as publishing services in the media no longer in the city market, websites and signage for any type of property, both for sale and for rent.